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I chose MUST.

Let me just begin by saying I don't revere myself as an awesome maker, I think of myself as a happy maker. Creating is a must action for me, it is a natural charge of energy and an obvious part of my identity. I am forever being inspired in so many different ways by the talents of all kinds of different creatives in the world. I think inspiration like this helps us personally discover the courage, focus and positive spirit within ourselves. 

The urge to create the unique ideas that float around in my head has been a part of my need for expression since as far back as I can remember. I grew up surrounded by an amazingly talented older brother, Jason Messina, two life-loving, musically charged parents, and the encouragement to always be myself. I completed my B.A. in Visual Art Communications at Stockton University in 2008.  While I was there I basically lived countless hours in the painting and art studios. I was lucky enough to obtain a student design job with the in-house design team at Stockton University. After graduation I was hired back and went on to work there for seven years. During that time, I created endless amounts of branding, large event and campaign materials for the University. I laid out, designed and worked closely along side my editor producing over fifty books that have gone on to be published, most of which were about Holocaust Survivors and WWII Survivors; some of which can be purchased on Amazon. Designing and laying out the personal stories of Holocaust Survivors and WWII Survivors has got to be one of the most fulfilling accomplishments in my career, thus far. 

Along with working at the university I spent the last ten-years traveling the world, working at a wonderful art gallery, volunteering in an art museum, freelancing for local clients and agencies and soaking in as much inspiration and knowledge from the world as possible. All of our stories are filled with so much joy, triumph, and heartache; and all the while one of the most full-filling accomplishments, in our journeys, is rediscovering yourself in new ways, each and every time. Recently, I decided to pursue one of my dreams of freelancing full-time, packing up my little car, relocating 1,234 miles away from home with my doxie, Stella and choosing my MUST PATH (reference to the book The Crossroads of Should and Must, by Elle Luna). Special shout out to: Meredith Bullock, who also helped give me the push I needed to pursue this scary, yet thrilling change. She is truly a sweet soul and inspirational artist. Thank you Meredith!  I am now spending my time discovering unique avenues of my creative path, bringing fresh ideas to life for clients and connecting even more with fellow artists. It is a brand new outlook on my work and it is only the beginning!

I invite you to this space to get a constant dose of inspiration from ideas and all kinds of creatives who are bringing unique awesomeness to the world. 

Get inspired and stay inspired.

Sarah xox

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